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Ever-present Love, Joy and Beauty

I  was reflecting this week on an entry for my future book, Luscious Living: 365 Ways to Relish the Remarkable Ride, that I had written on my trip to Disney World on December 5, 2014–7 days before Terry’s transition from here to eternity.  Not only does my youngest grandson keep me living in the preciousness of each moment, as you will discover below in my entry, but I am continually aware that Terry in that eternal dimension has now experienced life beyond linear time–a mindset that I embrace when living at my “higher self,” but one that at times can seem strange or even beyond reach as I am still living within the boundaries of my human body.

“My 13 month grandson is all smiles.  Full of wonder.  Clapping his hands at the sight of pumpkins, scarecrows, holiday trees, and decorative lights.

Unabashed joy.  His life is in the moment, and it is good.

Squealing at and saluting birds, dogs, cats, airplanes, and other children and sometimes adults.

Running to meet the ice cream truck.

Seeing the wonder in each of life’s events.

Where did I lose that ability to relish the remarkable ride with such grace and ease?

Perhaps I can learn from my young grandson that Love, Joy and Beauty are ever-present if I just take the time to notice and to focus.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning spoke this insight so well in her poem ‘Aurora Leigh’:

‘Earth’s crammed with heaven,

And Every common bush afire with God;

But only he who sees, takes off his shoes,

The rest sit round it and pluck blackberries….'”

May we take the time to see the world of Love, Beauty and Joy with our “God eyes.” Perhaps that is the recipe for relishing the remarkable ride.

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