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When Life Throws a Curve Ball, Go For It!

I’m not even close to being an expert on baseball, but having lived with family members for decades who have lived and breathed baseball, I have a few ideas about it.

For one, curve balls can be unpredictable. And, under the right circumstances, they can set you up to hit the ball out of the park.

I’ve had a few curve balls in my life, and I suspect you have, too. A hurtful word, a broken relationship, a lost job, an unexpected accident, a disappointing outcome, an unwanted illness, the death of a loved one. Not quite what we expected; not exactly what we had planned. If we had been pitching, we would have thrown the ball with a different spin.

However, I’d like for us to entertain a slightly different perspective. Perhaps curve balls aren’t so bad after all. Conceivably they could be what we needed to wake us up to a greater intensity in life. A gentle or not-so-gentle reminder to focus on the essentials. Possibly they were a preparation for something even better. To forge our path in a different direction. An angel unaware. An out-of-the park homerun.

Isn’t that the paradox of the Easter story? Unfathomable despair gives way to indescribable bliss? Gloom to glory? Hopelessness to hallelujah?

The only caveat is that we are ready and willing for the ball that comes our way. At the very least, somewhat prepared for the capriciousness of what is to come. We must attempt to step into the “Divine Yes,” no matter how daunting the curve of the ball is.

I’d love some company on this one. If you have an experience to share, bless us by posting it. And, try to enjoy the game!

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    Jim Blischke


    It is the contemplative preparation in the Season of Lent that preparesus for the curve ball of the Resurrection:
    Jesus is loose, and He is a game-changer.


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      Patty Bilhartz


      Well put. Contemplation is often highly underrated.


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