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Sometimes the Laws of the Universe Are Suspended


I  tend to lose my sunglasses from time to time. Not sure why, but it just happens. But this time that I lost my sunglasses, something so amazing happened that I feel compelled to share it with you!

I noticed my sunglasses were missing late one afternoon several weeks ago. I looked in all of the familiar places for them: the car, my purse, my jacket pockets, and around my home. No luck. I remembered wearing them home in the car, so I knew they had to be somewhere close by, but they were nowhere to be found.

Fortunately, I buy only cheap sunglasses since I tend to “misplace” them. I also keep a box of old pairs of sunglasses “just in case” I lose my current pair, to tide me over until I can get to the store to purchase a new pair. So, I dug out one of these old pairs and put it by my purse, still perplexed as to what had happened to my sunglasses.

The next day, I got ready to leave the house, and again looked for my sunglasses to no avail. I grabbed up the old pair and headed out to my garage to get in my car. As I slowly backed my car out of the garage, I heard a distinctive “crunch.” The kind of crunching sound that you prefer not to hear, especially if you are backing up a car!

Along with the crunching sound, I felt a bump as the tire thumped over something fairly substantial.

Crunch, bump, thump.

I immediately stopped, feeling a rush of panic come over me. What had I backed over? Was it my neighbor’s cat who loves to hang out in my driveway? Or, perhaps a squirrel or another one of God’s blessed creatures? I flashed a gory picture in my mind of crushed animal parts under my car’s tire.

I stopped as quickly as I could and jumped out of the car to view the damage that I thought I had inflicted on an unsuspecting critter that was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. And, as I looked under the tire with fear and trepidation, I saw something that I could not believe. No cat, no squirrel. No animal at all. Just my sunglasses. The ones that I had been looking for over the past 20 hours.

And, they appeared perfectly intact.

Yes, as I pulled my sunglasses out from under the tire of my car, I noted that nothing about them was bent or warped. The lenses were firmly in their frames, and they were completely unscratched.

My tiny pair of sunglasses that had just been run over by a 3500 pound car (that’s almost 2 TONS of weight!) was totally unscathed.

How was that possible? After all, I had audibly heard a “crunch” and fully felt a bump accompanied by a thump.

The laws of the universe would tell us that 3500 pounds of pressure can cause significant damage to an object underneath, particularly a cheap pair of plastic sunglasses. Especially if accompanied by crunching and thumping.

We all know that a small pair of plastic sunglasses is no match for a 3500 pound automobile. Or is it?

My experience of sunglasses-run-over-by-automobile got me to thinking.

The scientific principles of pressure, force, torque may not be so “scientific” after all. Physical factors such as speed and type of material may not be as meaningful as we thought. Perhaps even these “laws” of science that we have been taught are so infallible are not always so.

Maybe the physical world is not always where it’s at. In fact, maybe the physical world that is visible with our human eyes is a bit of an illusion; just energy in a more dense form. Could a law that we think is so certain likely be just waiting with mischievous anticipation to be challenged and broken?

Could there be another world out there that is invisible with our human eyes, but every bit as real as the physical world? Might there be an arena where the energy moves so quickly that we can’t actually “see” it with our physical eyes, but is there nevertheless?

I like to think of that “invisible” sphere as the Faith-field of infinite potentiality. Possibility just waiting for our discovery. Serendipity in its highest sense.

Miracles never happen or miracles abound?  Perhaps the answer lies in the eyes of the aware beholder.

What “miracles” will you experience today? And, how will they change your life of Faith?

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    I loved this post and am happy your sunglasses are OK! Even if they had been ruined, imagine the gratitude and relief you would have felt that they were *just* sunglasses and not an animal!


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      Patty Bilhartz


      That is so true! I ran over a squirrel a number of years ago, and still remember my shock and dismay afterwards.


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    Loved this thought on such a simple item. Gives renewed/reminded hope for the complex “impossibilities” in our life!


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