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If You Have a Mother, Don’t Miss This Post!


Please get out your pen and paper, or go to your computer. I’m going to ask you a favor. Mother’s Day is 3 days away. Don’t miss the opportunity it brings this year to write a letter of thanks to your mom.

Your mom may be still on this earth, or she may have moved to the eternal realm, but it doesn’t matter. Write the letter. She will hear it either way.

Write the letter even if you are too busy. Write it even if your mom wasn’t the best. We learn from both positive and negative modeling. Selfishness and selflessness can both teach the same lesson. If you so choose to learn it.

Expressing gratitude is healing for your body, mind, and soul. It is cathartic for your spirit. Gratitude brings you past grievances to forgiveness and love.

If you are a dad reading this and your kids are too young to write a letter to their mom (your wife), pick up your pen and write it for them. I’d like to see every mom in our community receiving a letter of thanks this Mother’s Day!

So, here’s my letter.

Dear Mom,

You truly are an amazing woman. You modeled for me independence, courage, love and faith. You taught me to stand up for what I believed in. To run the race of life doggedly even if I grew weary.

You loved me sacrificially and praised me unreservedly. You did all these things by modeling and showing me how life worked.

Your life as a child was not the easiest growing up. Your parents divorced when you were 12. That divorce left you with much hurt and disappointment. But you used that experience to make you more compassionate and giving to others.

I was your firstborn. The first of 3 daughters. I love it because I was first! My sisters love it because I am the oldest! My birth was not easy on your physical body. But, the birthing process brought me into the world, and I am forever grateful.

That was the 1st gift you gave me. The sacrificial gift of life.

I can honestly say that there has never been a day in my known memory that I did not feel loved by you. Even to this day, you let me know your unconditional love with your words, actions and embrace. I know I can count on you to love me.

That’s the 2nd gift you gave me. Unqualified love.

At one point in your young life, you considered becoming a nun. But, the Creator had other plans for you. You became an awesome pastor’s wife, counselor, book author of Angels and Brats, elementary teacher and school administrator. All in addition to being a mom.

It was you who first taught me to read, write, speak, sing, play the piano, pray, and quote Sacred Scripture. I am fully aware that you are and have been the best teacher I could have asked for in my earthly life.

That is your 3rd gift to me. Quintessential teaching.

And then, when your husband–my precious daddy–passed away in 2000, you didn’t let that sideline you. You continued the African mission pastors Morell school that daddy started, traveling to Kenya, Uganda and South Africa, working in the home office in Oklahoma, teaching at conferences and writing a curriculum for African pastors and wives, Winners for God. 

That’s your 4th gift to me. Unending service to others. Something I aspire to emulate.

You always said that you wanted to finish your life well.  You will. With grace and glory.

Just as your dear friend, Lucille Musslewhite, completed her earthly course of goodness and loving-kindness this past week. The beautiful race of love that Lucille ran will be a divine source of comfort to her 3 daughters–Marty, Beverly, and Shirley–this Mother’s Day.

I love you, Mom. Your legacy is indelibly etched in my mind and heart.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Your firstborn,


I hope by now you have at least started your letter to your mom. Gratitude trumps grievances, grumbles, and guilt.

Write the letter, and thank the Creator for your mom. It may transform a relationship. And, your life will be better for yourself and others because you do.

What gift has your mother given to you?

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    Shana Stadler


    This is so good! I love it! You are an excellent writer and express your thought so well! Thank you for doing this. I can tell mama to just envision my name under yours because you covered it all!!! LOL


  • Avatar



    Beautiful! Your mother is an awesome lady and she shares that love and Godly guidance with a multitude of us and I thank her too.
    I will take great pleasure in writing my mom today and I am so grateful that I can still see her and visit with
    her and have fun with her like I did this past weekend. Thank you for your inspiration to write her and let her know how very thankful I am for her and all she has given to me.


    • Avatar

      Patty Bilhartz


      Thanks for the kind words. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!


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