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Move or Die! 10 Ideas for Fantastic Fitness


“If we don’t have time to be sick, then we have to make time to be well.” Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

One of the physicians that provided training for me in medical school often told his patients that if they stopped moving, they would die. At first, I thought this statement was a bit exaggerated, but as I thought about it more, I realized he was right on!

Our bodies are made to move, and if we don’t move them lovingly and often, we send them the message that we don’t need them to move for us anymore. And, it’s true, a dead body doesn’t move!

Somewhere, in between moving and not moving, we choose to live. And, most of us want to live in the place where we can move freely and without pain for as long as possible! Esther Hicks says, “happy, healthy; happy, healthy; happy, healthy, dead!”

No one wants to live a long life if the quality of life is gone. And, the ability to move our bodies fluidly and fully without discomfort provides a large measure of quality for us in our human bodies. I know this from personal experience.

From a medical standpoint, moving our bodies:

    • supplies the joint fluid that allows our joints to be supple and move with ease,
    • keeps our muscles stronger and more flexible,
    • lessens connective tissue and cartilage degeneration,
    • enables our brains to remain healthy and engaged,
    • lowers depression and anxiety,
    • improves mood and sense of well-being, and
    • increases our energy levels.

So, if moving our bodies is so important to our wellness, why are we often reluctant to engage in body-enhancing activities?

I think there are 2 main reasons why we often do not align our choices with our knowledge.

1) Addiction. It is easier and even addictive to sit down and watch TV or engage in social media, rather than taking a walk around the block. We can’t miss our favorite TV show. We can’t go to sleep without hitting our Facebook and Twitter pages. And, these very activities keep us in near motionless states.

2) Habit. We sit in our car on our way to work. We sit at our desks when we get to work, often for hours daily. Then, we sit in our cars on our way home, as we run carpools and errands, and often in fast food drive-thrus.

We come home and sit some more while we eat our fast food and watch TV. We have emails and social media to catch up on, so we think we don’t have time to move our bodies. And, our friends and families are doing the same thing. It’s hard to find a fitness buddy. Even extended family gatherings and holiday celebrations are mostly based around food and sitting.

So, let’s consider some fun ways to revolutionize our addictions and change our habits.

Why not add Fantastic Fitness to our lives?

We will feel better and have more energy. Our brains will be sharper and our backs more flexible. In short, the quality of our life will be immeasurably better. And, our bodies will thank us!

We will talk more about Fantastic Fitness in future blogs. I also will be offering Medical Coaching in the near future for those of you who want to learn more about this topic.

In the meantime, try these 10 Ideas for Fantastic Fitness:

1) Take the stairs instead of the elevator. This will help you to achieve a goal of 10,000 steps daily, which many fitness experts believe is a worthwhile goal.

Some of the new smart phones actually have a program on them to help you monitor your daily steps. I love to use mine–it keeps me honest!

2) Stand up for one-half the length of your meetings at work. Better yet, see if you can organize walking meetings if appropriate.

If you have a desk job, try to stand up and walk around your desk every hour. Stand up when you answer and talk on the phone. Stand up when someone comes into your office.

Studies have shown that we burn more calories when we stand. And, we put ourselves at higher risk for diabetes, heart disease, and obesity when we sit too much.

3) Park in the most distant parking spot, at work and when running errands. This will help you to get to 10,000 steps by the end of the day!

Try to avoid drive-thrus. Make yourself get out and walk into the establishment.

4) Commit to doing 5 minutes daily of desk aerobics. Go to www.abeforfitness.com for ideas. Better yet, go for twice a day!

5) When you do watch TV, walk around your TV chair during the show or especially during each commercial. Even better, minimize the time that you watch TV.

6) Think about how you could elevate your computer screen and keyboard at home so that you could stand for some of the time that you are at your computer. There are some very thrifty sit-stand computer desks on-line that you could consider purchasing. For years, I used a large, supported box to enable me to both sit and stand at my computer.

7) Walk with a family member or friend before or after work or after dinner. This accountability to another person will help to motivate you to take the time to do it!

8) Use the employee gym or consider joining a local gym for a good workout 3-4 times weekly.

Don’t think you have the money or time to join a gym? Take the money that you might spend on daily drinks and snacks, and put it into a gym membership. Take the kids or significant other with you to the gym when appropriate, and make it a fun time for all.

9) If you are not a gym person, find an activity that you like and then do it often. How about gardening, basketball or another favorite sport, swimming, dancing, or playing outside with family for starter ideas?

10) Turn on some of your favorite music and dance around the room for 10 minutes. You can do this with your children and other family members, or by yourself. Music has the added benefit of elevating your mood even more!

Hopefully, these ideas will get you going in the right direction to experience Fantastic Fitness. And, most of the ideas are free. You can’t beat that!

Take a look at my soon-to-come Medical Coaching classes if you want to discover even more about Fantastic Fitness.

Which of the above Fantastic Fitness ideas do you think might be easiest for you to do? Please share with us in the comments below.

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