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One Incredibly Important Thing to Remember


My hotel baggage tags for our Disney hotel had not yet arrived, and the next day I was to leave early for the airport to head for Orlando. I prepared myself for the inevitable. Instead of my luggage automatically being taken to my hotel from the airport without any effort on my part, now I would need to pick it up at baggage claim and lug it to the bus, and then transport it from the bus to the room.

Not a majorly big deal, but I had looked forward to letting someone else deal with it!

Very early the next morning before I left for the airport, I had a nudging to go to the mailbox and check once again. “That’s ridiculous,” I countered. “The mail came yesterday afternoon, and I already picked it up. The luggage tags weren’t there. They couldn’t possibly have arrived last night! It’s 3 a.m.–nothing will be in the mailbox!”

But, the nudge continued, so I trekked to the mailbox at 3:30 AM, opened it, and, you guessed it!  The luggage tags were there.

I gleefully grabbed them up, placed them on my luggage, and headed to the airport. I was thrilled that now I would be able to leave my luggage in the trusted hands of another.

Six months have gone by since that unexplainable event. How was it possible that my luggage tags showed up in my locked mailbox between bedtime and 3:30 a.m.? I still have no answer.

What I do know is that those luggage tags allowed me to hand over my bags to someone else. It was a good feeling.

As I think about it, suitcases are a great metaphor for life.

We tend to carry a lot of stuff around in them. And, usually, we could do without a lot of it.

Think about it. How many times have we gone on a trip and wished that we had brought a little less stuff? Pushing, pulling and lifting suitcases gets cumbersome fast!

And, it’s the same in life.

Lightening our load is preferable to bearing the backpack. Letting go is usually better than latching on. Less is almost always more.

When have we ever let something go and wished we hadn’t? Those pesky regrets, trivial grievances, punitive guilt trips, long-held grudges? If you’re like me, I bet you felt unbelievably freer when you waved them goodbye!

Doesn’t life just go better when we entrust all our luggage into the dependable Hands of Another? One more capable of carrying our stuff?

It was six months ago that my luggage tags arrived inexplicably. It also has been six months since my husband transcended his physical body in exchange for an eternal world.

Six months since I began to navigate the physical world without my husband’s “muscle power.”

That’s one way to look at it.

But, when I let go of my stuff–those weights that can so easily encumber–I see something beyond the physical world. I see six months of a life filled with even more of the miraculous. A life walking hand-in-hand with the Eternal. A life where I’ve made the choice to find peace in What Is and trust in What Is Still to Come.

Yes, letting go allows me to move forward in joy. What could be better?

What “baggage” can we let go of today to lighten our load as we trust Another to take it for us? Join our discussion below.

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