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How to Lose Weight but Never Go Hungry Again-pt. 1


We had a fabulous 7-Day Wellness Challenge the last 7 days! Now, we will continue the previous Wellness Tips that we learned as we begin a new journey: How to Lose Weight but Never Go Hungry Again. (Even if you don’t need to lose weight, read on. These are healthy tips for all of us!)

The next 8 Mondays we will be talking about ways to lose weight that don’t cause us to be hungry. Sounds impossible, doesn’t it?


I plan to show you over the next 8 weeks 8 Simple Wellness Tips that confirm you don’t have to be hungry in order to lose weight. And, these 8 Wellness Tips will Silence Your Inner Critic and Rock Your World!

Here’s the first tip: Be thankful.

Stop before you eat anything. Before every meal. Gratefully consecrate–make holy–what you are about to eat.

Before every snack. Bless the people that prepared it. Those involved in the process that brought the food to you.

Don’t take any bite for granted.

You will find that heartfelt gratitude changes things. Eating speed slows. Portions decrease. Perhaps even food and drink choices change for the better.

Thankfulness is the first step toward more mindful eating. It makes a difference. Trust me.

The Experiment: Pause before you eat your next meal or snack. Take a holy breath. Bless your food, consciously and fully. Acknowledge deeply each person that had a part in bringing the food to you. Let your appreciation gently guide what, how, and how much you eat.

How to Lose Weight but Never Go Hungry Again: Be Thankful.

Silence Your Inner Critic: You can’t imagine how gratitude will play a part in weight loss without having to feel hungry, but give this experiment a chance. For 8 weeks. With every meal. Remember, your thoughts don’t always tell you the truth.

Rock Our World with Your Comments: How did thankfulness change your eating? Write your thoughts in a personal journal, discuss with a friend or family member, or post a comment below. We thrive and grow with your input!

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