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Find the Magic in the 2-for-1 Benefit


We know we need to be more active. The weight’s been creeping up. We feel tired too much of the time. Our joints are achy and our muscles flabby.

But, we think we’re just too busy to exercise. It’s hard to find the time to be more active.

How about cashing in the 2-for-1 benefit? Combine and shine.

Let me explain!

Do you need to spend more time with the family? Need to talk with a friend or colleague?

How about combining exercise with family time? What about making the talk a talk and a walk?

No more time needed to exercise if we combine it with another important activity. 2-for-1. A great payoff.

The Experiment:

• Instead of watching TV, take the kids and a ball to the park. Play ball!

• In lieu of watching a movie, have the family write a “movie script” and then enact it together.

• Save a little money and stay home to eat. Prepare a simple picnic meal and take it to the park. (This might be a 3-for-1!)

• Go swimming, hiking, dancing, skating, or bowling. Hopscotch or jump rope on the driveway.

• Consider investing in a jogging stroller, and take the kids with you on your walk or run.

• Cold, hot, or rainy weather? Walk together at the local mall or play hide-and-seek at home.

Find the magic in the 2-for-1 benefit.

Silence Your Inner Critic: You get the point. You can’t do these activities every time, but you can do them more often. For every excuse why not, there’s a creative answer! Brainstorm together as friends and family. Break resistant thoughts and sedentary activity patterns with the 2-for-1 benefit.

Rock Our World with Your Comments: What is one 2-for-1 benefit that worked for you? Write your thoughts in a personal journal, discuss with a friend or family member, or post a comment below. We can learn from each other!

P.S. Don’t forget that Medical Coaching begins Tuesday! I’d love to have you join us for great tips to improve your health!

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    Shana Stadler


    I just eat a few bites of what I want if I am trying to lose weight and feel healthier (like the things that we tend to snack on when we shouldn’t). That way, I don’t feel left out or like I am denying myself. I, then just throw it away (rather immediately) so I don’t change my mind – since willpower is not always the strongest when I get tired, bored or stressed. I am proud of myself afterwards! I, also find that I want less and less of whatever it is since it isn’t controlling me anymore – I am controlling it! Just any small steps help to lose weight: walking everyday or every other day with your pet or a friend or alone and not eating anything after 8 p.m. Just somethings that have helped me. If I give something completely up – at some point I will get one (say Dr. Pepper) and drink the whole thing. This way, I just have a few sips and think – ugh! Too sugary. Diet drinks – our body doesn’t know how to process and they have too much sodium and carbonation. I read once where if you are ever in beauty pageants you are not allowed any sodas because of the carbonation that blows your belly up. LOL That was all it took to make me – think. Fat tummy = cokes, sodas, pop LOL It doesn’t always stop me but it helps. And NO, I am not wasting food or drink because if I ate it or drank it all – it would be bad for me and I would wear it the next day when my clothes were too tight!!!


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