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How to Lose Weight but Never Go Hungry Again (Part 8)


This is the 8th tip in our “Fabulous Food” section that discusses ways to lose weight that don’t cause us to be hungry. Although this is the final tip in this series, we will continue to explore other weight loss tips in future blogs.

How many times have we all finished a meal and then held our stomachs in pain as we have groaned, “Ooh, I ate too much!”? Often, this “stuffed gut” feeling comes because we not only ate too much food, but we ate too fast.

It takes about 15-20 minutes after food hits our belly for our stomach to signal our brain that it’s full. So, if we gulp our meal in less than 10 minutes, we may think we’re still hungry and we keep eating, even though we’ve had enough.

One way to slow down our eating is to chew each bite thoroughly—10 times or so.

Another way to slow down our eating is to eat with our non-dominant hand.

Wellness Tip #8: Eat with your non-dominant hand.

You can’t eat as fast or as much. You will enjoy each bite more. And, you’ll stimulate your brain as you teach it a new task.

Eating with the non-dominant hand. A great choice for weight loss and healthy eating.

The Experiment: Be deliberate about choosing a special eating utensil as you try this experiment. Start with a small amount of food on your plate. Make sure you have set aside a little extra time the first few times that you attempt this.

Start with one meal daily and try it for a week. If you keep it up, you will reap the rewards of eating less without feeling hungry.

Silence Your Inner Critic: You don’t think you can eat with the “wrong” hand. Sure you can! Change is good, and change is possible. See it as a fun adventure. A brain and body challenge. That’s a good thing!

Rock Our World with Your Comments: What did you learn from this experiment? Write your thoughts in a personal journal, discuss with a friend or family member, or post a comment on our website or Facebook page. We thrive and grow with your input!

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    I like the idea to try eating with you non-doinant hand! I am left handed and eat and write left handed but everything else I do pretty much right handed. I think that is because most people just assumed I was right handed and taught me that way. I didn’t speak up or think about it!!! No wonder I didn’t bat at all or throw very well. LOL But I can pay miniature golf equally well with both hands. I even do bowling right handed and can do that pretty good.


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