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Your Life Matters! Share It With the World.


Likely today is your day to:

• Pursue a dream,

• Champion a cause,

• Share a smile,

• Give a hug,

• Pass on a blessing,

• Thank a friend,

• Help a family member,

• Release a hurt,

• Free a regret,

• Love a fear,

• Change a habit,

• Learn something new,

• Accept change,

• Extend peace,

• Dance with joy,

• Ignore an unkind word,

• Forego gossip,

• Let go of a past choice,

• Forgive a perceived foe,

• Embrace your Higher Self,

• Step out in Faith.

For if not today, when?

Wellness Tip: Your Life Matters. Share it with the world.

The Experiment: Each day this week, choose one or more of these nurturing actions. Better yet, make them a habit!

Silence Your Inner Critic: Your thoughts and actions like to gravitate to what is familiar. It is possible to adapt new thoughts and actions that contribute to the world in amazing ways. Start with one new thought and move it to a positive action. Repeat it daily for 3 weeks, and you will have developed a new habit that will bless you and the world.

Rock Our World with Your Comments: Which new thought or action did you choose to implement? Write your thoughts in a personal journal, discuss with a friend or family member, or post a comment below or on our Facebook page. We thrive and grow with your input!

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    Shana Morell Stadler


    love your sister! You do that one….good!


    • Avatar

      Patty Bilhartz


      Bless you! We learn together in this beautiful life!


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