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Want a Happy Life?


The other evening I was reminiscing on events in my past and had the sudden thought: “If I’d had less fear, I’d had more fun.” Not perfect grammar, I realize, but true.

The thought made wonderful sense, because as I reflected on my past, I realized that life has a beautiful way of working itself out. Particularly when we do our best, and then let go, trusting the Creator to take care of the outcome and details.

What if we wouldn’t have worried:

• whether people would like us?

• whether we could bounce back after a poor decision?

• whether we kept or lost our job?

• whether our child/grandchild would grow up to be the person we hoped?

• whether our health would rise or fall?

• whether we would have enough money?

• whether we could find love again after a breakup, divorce, or death?

Think about it. Worries that seemed so ominous at the time rarely happened, or they weren’t nearly as bad as we imagined.

Often outcomes that we thought were perfect at the time would have been disasters if they would have occurred. And vice versa. Things that seemed awful at the time actually ended up being a blessing.

The “terrible decision” actually saved us from something worse.

The plan we had for our child/grandchild was superseded by a different path travelled.

We always had enough…money, friends, health, love…even if we didn’t recognize it at the time.

I vowed that evening that henceforth, I would have:

• less Fear and more Faith.

• less Trepidation and more Trust.

• less Languish and more Love.

• less Drama and more Divine.

Would you join me in the adventure of kissing fear goodbye? That happy life is just waiting for us to embrace it!

Wellness Tip: Want to Be Happy? Let Go of Fear.

The Experiment: Try living today focusing only on the present events. Keep this thought in the forefront of your mind: “How would my life be different if I let go of fear?”

Silence Your Inner Critic: We are used to honoring fearful habits. It may seem difficult to let go of fearful thoughts and replace them with loving ones. Try it just for today! Courage will follow when we step out in faith!

Rock Our World with Your Comments: How did your Faith-filled day go? Write your thoughts in a personal journal, discuss with a friend or family member, or post a comment on our website or Facebook page. We thrive and grow with your input!

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