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You Deserve A Break Today


You’ve had a big week. You may feel exhausted. That’s when it’s time to rest & reflect. Our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health depends on it.

Just for today, consider your scheduled activities. See if there might be one less important activity that you could shorten or even stop all together. That choice will give you time for what is even more important: resting & reflecting. Today.

Wellness Tip: You Deserve A Break Today.

The Experiment: Love yourself enough today to set aside 10 minutes to Rest & Reflect. Choose activities such as these in your Rest & Reflect time:

• 5-10 min for inspirational and Sacred Scripture reading and prayer. You may wish to journal your thoughts.

• 10 minutes where you sit or lie down. Set a timer in case you fall asleep. Close your eyes. Spend the first 5 minutes consciously relaxing each part of your body. Continue to take deep, slow breaths as we discussed in a previous wellness tip, or take a short power nap.

• 5-10 minutes for a brief walk or gentle stretching exercises (www.abeforfitness.com).

Silence Your Inner Critic: You may think that you don’t have time and have too much to do. You may want to procrastinate until you have “more” time. Let those thoughts pass with a smile. You can use your thoughts to heal or to sabotage. Peace of mind is just waiting for you to accept it.

Commend yourself for the time you spent today Resting & Reflecting. Your ultimate goal may be a daily Rest & Reflect time of up to 30-45 minutes. But, just for today, start with 10.

Rock Our World with Your Comments: How did you make the time to Rest & Reflect? How did it change your day? Write your thoughts in a personal journal, discuss with a friend or family member, or post a comment below. We thrive and grow with your input!

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