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Practice Loving-Kindness


Remember the movie Pay It Forward? Persons who received a gift or favor “paid it back.” But not in the usual way. They paid the favor back by doing a future favor for 3 others.

What a great idea for a movie, but what about in real life?

It’s actually not too hard to find someone in need of a random act of kindness. The hard part is taking the time to do it.

Offering random acts of kindness takes time, requires some significant inconvenience on the part of the giver, and may be misunderstood by the recipient.

But true random acts of kindness toward others showcase loving-kindness at its best. Something our world really needs.

The Experiment: Extend one random act of kindness to another person this week. It doesn’t have to be a big one. The act can be anonymous or not. You might even challenge yourself to give the gift to someone that is more difficult to love.

However you do it, have fun with it! The act you do will change you and likely the recipient.

Silence Your Inner Critic: Your thoughts will attempt to persuade you that you don’t have the time or energy to get significantly involved in the lives of others. You may even be fearful to reach out to others with a loving act. What if you are not appreciated or misunderstood? Let those thoughts float past you, and extend loving-kindness anyway. You’ll not regret it!

Rock Our World with Your Comments: How did the loving-kindness you shared change your heart? Write your thoughts in a personal journal, discuss with a friend or family member, or post a comment below or on our Facebook page. We thrive and grow with your input!

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